I have 22 years experience in the cannabis industry.  I am a lead cultivator, practice innovative farming techniques, and am a co-creator of alternative cannabis products.  I am interested in the longevity and wholeness of human existence.

I have a degree in architecture from San Luis Obispo California, and founded a design build firm in Los Angeles.  I was raised on an organic farm, where my father created the Farmers Market in Healdsburg California. I have previous and current experience in large scale indoor, green house, and outdoor cultivation of Cannabis.

My mission is to combine my skills of building, directing, farming, and innovating to create an ethical company focused on equality, while providing a platform for enhanced human existence.

Monica has been studying herbs and aromatherapy, making her own formulations and products for over 10 years.  A licensed esthetician and studying master herbalist and aromatherapy practitioner, Monica is skilled in making her own herbal formulations and custom products for clients that are used by application, inhalation, or ingestion.  She is a direct understudy of the legendary author, herbalist, and aromatherapist Jeanne Rose.

She has a degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz.  It was here that she learned that at the end of the day each person is an individual and should be treated that way.  Herbs and aromatherapy provide a platform for this style of treatment and has proved very successful to the people who have used her custom products.

Monica’s mission is to educate the world on aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and the beautiful karmic circle it bestows upon the people it touches.  To her it is important to keep the medicine in the forms it is most effective and teach consumers the proper way, not to rob them of the true medicine by giving it to them in the lesser forms that consumers are generally used to.  She feels Cannabis is the perfect platform for this since this plant seems to be awakening the population and the lessons are the core principles of basic herbalism mixed with advancements in science, truly the perfect synergy.

Our Ethics

The medicine we create starts with the plant. We at Absorb cbd are a farm to body company.  All farming practices from plant choice, location, and organic growing solutions are overseen by specialized cannabis growers.  Each and every cannabis plant has a unique cannabinoid and essential oil (aka terpene) profile depending on genetics, terroir, sun light, fertilization methods, time spent in flowering, and drying/curing. This understanding of the plants and their health/production makes it imperative that we are in direct contact with all of our farms on weekly even daily basis. Our farms have a uniform understanding of the quality control necessary to produce a top shelve effective medicine.

Once we have our top shelf plant material, we then take supreme caution to preserve the medicine.  Our main ways of doing this are to use nontoxic methods of production, as well as making sure that our processes retain as many of the original components such as the essential oil, cannabinoids, and flavonoids.  We then formulate for the task at hand, using other herbs and essential oils that will combine to make the ultimate entourage effect.  We are beyond just cannabinoids and extracts. We have many other medicinal benefits in every bottle of Absorb cbd products.  The Topical Relief for example has 14 herbs and essential oils outside of Cannabis that are all proven to be effective in pain relief, wound healing, and/or anti-inflammation.

Our packaging makes sure to take into consideration the potency of the materials within them.  We use glass cartridges, and acrylic packaging for bottles.  The Acrylic does not leach into the product, as other plastics can potentially do when such high amounts of essential oils are used.  We will be switching to glass packaging as soon as possible as we are aware acrylic is not recyclable, and this is not okay with us.  Forgive us, we had to start somewhere, and these bottles were getting great reviews from our clients and colleagues.

We are quickly working on a scholarship program for people who desperately need our products but cannot afford them.  We would also like to host educational events and fundraisers to help educate more people, and help sort thru the hoards of bad information and products on the market.

Our Story

Raphael Vasquez (architect/ cannabis cultivator) lifelong friend, Steve Samo, introduced him to Monica Fine, (Bay Area alchemist and natural skin care formulator).  They immediately hit it off, and made their first official meeting on a Friday at Monica’s house in Precita Park, the same park his grandmother lived out her life in.  They determined the wanted to create a product for pain from the cannabis plant.

Monica started really learning about CBD.  What it is, and how it works in your body, where and how it was produced and stored in the plant.  What an interesting topic!  This incredible cannabinoid seemed to do it all!!  A first thing first, it was all about the genetic, and Avidekel the Israeli strain, Cannatonic, and ACDC were high on the list.  Two weeks later Raphael came home with two extremely weak clones of ACDC (thank you Organicann).

Clones were taken from both and then both were grown out to flowering.  They immediately infused the freshly dried flowers in olive oil.  Monica case studied this new CBD infusion by giving it to her existing clients who depended on her Canna-Get-Some-Relief infusions for daily pain relief.  One client immediately raved within minutes of putting it on that it was already working and the pain was relieved faster and to a greater degree than the THC infusion.  This Client used the entire bottle and now uses the Topical ointment less often with longer results. This was the consensus from a wide range of case studies/l clients who tried CBD for anti-inflammation.

Now it was time for refinement.  Raphael did not want the formula to look or smell like Cannabis   The infusion we had was incredibly dark green and reeked of the high terrene content ACDC is known for.  Monica told him that in order for that to happen, we needed the CO2 extract.  . Monica extract and formulation expertise combined Raphael’s ability in presentation, and coordination/production combination created the foundation for this innovative partnership/endeavor

Monica is owner and formulator of The Seasonal Apothecary, a seasonal small batch aromatherapy and herbal skin care company.

Monica mission is to create the highest level of medicine; the delivery applicator determined that was the most effective applicator was oil.

Monica’s clients are all taught about the benefits of using oil.  They have learned how beautiful the right blends of omega rich, herbal, and aromatic infused oils make the skin.  Monica’s clients cannot live without their oils once they use them,, although most all were apprehensive at first.

In order to obtain a desirable attractive ascetical appearance a C02 extraction unit was necessary to isolate the Cannabinoid for formulation.

Raphael worked with a new partner to obtain a Apex Co2 extractor. It took a business plan and an accusation of plant matter for the extraction process.

A small property in the gorgeous hills of Healdsburg (unincorporated Sonoma County) was offered for us to cultivate a small plot of our ACDC.  Raphael and Monica set out to plant a full season high CBD grow together.  They were very excited to see that the plants thrived being outside much more than they did when grown indoors.

That crop went on to test 21.27% CBD and .85% THC, that is 25:1 CBD:THC ratio.  We then had our first batch of the CO2 extract made from the flowers (not shake like most people run).  They extraedcted flowers because there is a majority of the cannabinoids in the flowers, along with the ever important essential oils, right there in the trichomes.  The raw extract tested at 69% CBD, with 8.9% essential oil (the industry calls them terpenes, but there are much more than terpenes in the aromatics of Cannabis).

Thanks to the help of Jerid Kiloh  from The Green Cross and The Higher Path, They refined their finished product to something consumers would be happy to  could use daily We  determined how to effectively preserve the  quality of therapeutics in our beautiful extract.  We came up with the company name Absorb because it denotes exactly what is going to happen!

We petitioned a friend for a small investment short term loan to produce our first round of Absorb CBD – Topical Relief.  Jerid Kiloh gave us shelf space in his dispensary for our launch of our product. We then took the remaining inventory and headed to Los Angeles to test our markets.  We are now in over 30 dispensaries and delivery services; soon hope to have a nationally legal CBD product line. This line will be comprised of unique and useful products a variety  of ailments and applications .  There is so much more to tell and we will tell it throughout the course of our online presence.  We could not have started this project without the innovation, motivation, and dedication of Raphael, Monica, Jerid, and all our family of dispensaries who allow this product to be on the market.  This movement needs your constant support and awareness to make sure we can continue to provide this medicine without prosecution and with the best methods in existence.