Our Testimonials

Severe Multiple Sclerosis

“I have been using Absorb for about six years for pain secondary to multiple sclerosis (MS.) The pain was not terribly severe but definitely interfered with standing and walking. Without the pain, my nerves function better and I can move again. I used the oil and did not get high, but felt a euphoria that was so nice. I felt better than I have in years, and like I never thought I would feel again.”


“It has put a new perspective on my life!”

“Also they carry Absorb CBD, I have always been skeptical on these types of products but this BLOWS everything away! I tried a sample and within 5 minutes I could feel it helping. I bought some and noticed its usually good for 48 – 72 hours. AMAZING! You have to try it, it literally has a put a new perspective on my life.”

Customer of Palm Springs Safe Access

100% Healed

“The oil has been working wonders and actually 100% healed me…and then I played tennis, a horrible impact sport! And it all flares up again. So am now sticking to yoga…I actually just ran out of the oil so need to order more.”


One nite!

“I gave a bottle to my friend who has severe back pain and has trouble sleeping because of it.  She was hesitant because it is cannabis based.  I told her to try it for one nite.  The next day she paid me for the bottle and said it was the best nights sleep she has had in a long time”


X knows it is his medicine.

“Xavier my autistic son started using Absorb CBD to calm him down.  He asks for it when he feels he needs it and when I give to him he relaxes.  Thank you so much, we are your patients for life!”


All better!

“I had bad carpal tunnel like pain in my wrist, a injury from a motorcycle accident in 2006, I get it once a year.  Usually from a sex act position. lol.  Anyway, I used it 3 times yesterday…All better!”


I can’t believe this works so well.

“I was having anxiety about seeing my ex wife.  I took Absorb CBD internally, and five minutes later my fears subsided and now I feel calm and okay with it all.”


Your formula for pain relief is fabulous!

” Your formula for pain relief is fabulous.  My relief has allowed my blood pressure to lower, with a delicious calmness radiating all over myself.  Thank you, you are brilliant, and a blessing.”


OMG, this is the best ever!

“About 15 years ago I sustained a neck injury. Ever since then I have had pain in my neck, after applying Absorb CBD the pain is eased. I also have on and off tendinitis in my elbows, the oil also helps with this. I also feel it helps with easing tension. I am very pleased with the effects of the Absorb CBD oil over all.”


My grandma LOVES it!

“She said it is the best thing she has used for her arthritis pain in 20 years, she wants five more bottles so she can never run out.”


Severe Multiple Sclerosis

“I have severe spasms that are extremely painful, especially at nite.  The Absorb CBD takes the pain away completely.  I haven’t noticed much decrease in spasms yet but it must be working because my husband says that I sleep more calmly.  We are so happy to have found this medicine.”


How did I live without it!

“I am in the middle of recovering from a broken ankle that occurred, the middle of April. If that isn’t painful, in itself, I live with arthritis in my neck and lower, back from an earlier car accident. I get frequent headaches, because of the nerves affected by this accident. I have arthritis on both sides of my family. I am 66 years old, and have it in my hands and knees, too. I started using Absorb CBD, in December, for my regular arthritis pain. It has been wonderful in relieving my discomfort, especially since I work full time, and put in many hours at the computer, or commuting. I was instructed to put it on my broken ankle, and I have been. Using crutches, or wearing the special boot my doctor gave me, while I heal; has created more pain to my neck and hips. If it wasn’t for this oil, I would not get through my work day. I put it on in the morning, and before I go to bed; or, whenever I need it. It’s so easy. I prefer it to taking pain meds, or using topical pain creams. Also, I have allergies, and I find myself using the oil on my face, around my sinuses and temple area, before I go to bed. I wake up in the morning, feeling much better. The oil is not greasy on my skin. There is a subtle fragrance that is very nice.

I recommend this to anyone with chronic pain, or intermittent pain, or after an accident.”


Cancer Pain Relief

“OMG.  I came home and followed your instructions. Within eight minutes pain that hasn’t gone away with regular drugs, was gone! Now I thought I just wanted it to work, power of the mind is strong. But here it’s three hours later, and I’m still comfortable!

I am so thankful I came to your class. I’m so thankful for your skills and I am so thankful that you are willing to share your knowledge. I was told by a Dr. that I should try this vs smoking, I thought he was trying to get me to quit using anything.

Again thank you. God bless you.”


Profound Pain Relief

“I can tell you that I have had profound pain relief from using your oil! Our mutual friend offered it up for me to use, and I couldn’t get over how quickly it dissolved the aches, and how long it lasted (approximately 2+ hours).  I’ve used plenty of analgesics to relieve pain but with not much success.  I so appreciate your knowledge, wisdom, and attention to detail when it comes to making a superior product.”