How Absorb CBD Works in the Body

  • CBD activates the Endocannabinoid system in humans and animals.
  • The Endocannabinoid system regulates imbalances throughout the entire body.
  • Once active the Endocannabinoid system blocks pain signaling in the nerves and reduces inflammation.
  • CBD has a profound effect on the functioning of the immune system, helping the body rapidly recover.
  • CBD has shown anti-inflammatory effects in the systems and tissues of the body.
  • Humans have cannabinoid receptors in nerve endings throughout the entire body.

How Absorb CBD – Topical Relief works in the body

  • We cultivate a strain of ACDC with 25:1 CBD:THC ratio.
  • Our extract is processed to retain maximum amount of original terpenes.
  • Our extract contains a very high amount of the terpene Beta-caryophyllene which has been shown to maximize delivery of cannabinoids to the CB2 receptors that are located in the skin and peripheral nervous system.
  • Absorb CBD Topical Relief contains the highest amount of CBD found on the market at 100mg per 15ml or 200mg per 30ml, with original terpene counts among the highest to date in California.
  • Absorb CBD Topical Relief is formulated with 14 herbs & essential oils specific for pain relief, immune function, and anti-inflammatory action. These act together for a deeper absorbing, longer lasting, more pleasant experience for the patient.
  • Absorb CBD Topical Relief utilizes essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals from the Himalayan Wildcrafted Sea Buckthorn oil as nature’s dermal delivery system.
  • Two coat application process, saturates layers of skin, and supplies the proper 3mg CBD dose of acute pain relief.
  • Absorb CBD uses no synthetics, only life to sustain life.

How Absorb CBD – Sublingual works in the body

  •  Absorb cbd Sublingual is formulated with less essential oils so as to not tax the liver by taking too many internally*
  • The herbs in the formula are great for immune, digestive, and mental positivity; they also taste great*
  • Absorb cbd Sublingual utilizes essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals from the Himalayan Wildcrafted Sea Buckthorn oil as a delivery system, our body knows they are needed and so readily absorbs them, taking all the herbs and CBD along with it*
  • More CBD gives a good but potent daily dose of 6mg per spray**
  • Our clients have reported feeling a great mental shift most likely due to CBD ability to help our bodies release seratonin and melatonin (happier and more relaxed!)** This statement is based on our current client feedback from using that product and / or generally available information and research on the herb or action listed
    ** This statement is based on research from the book, “Handbook of Cannabis” a compilation of research from around the world on Cannabis and individual cannabinoids and their effects in vitro and in vivo.

Global & Local Unity

There is an essential oil or extract from every continent (besides Antarctica).  This means that for every extract in the bottle, there is a boutique farmer from the plant’s native country, farming and extracting to the best of their knowledge.  Their knowledge is usually generations old, and the endeavor usually supports a whole village.

We strive to utilize the gift of Aromatherapy, and the basic principles of true herbalism.  One of the main being, FRESH IS BETTER, and use what is around you that grows readily.  We demonstrate this by adding Douglas Fir essential oil to our Topical Relief.  Douglas Fir is native to Northern California and is a lesser known very powerful source of terpenes, very similar to the ones found in Cannabis.

We strive to unite the best the natural world has to offer, while creating innovative ways to retain the integrity of the medicine while delivering consumers the truly potent remedy that is true high CBD medicine.

This is what we mean when we claim:
Farm to Body Medicine!